Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paul took the kids fishing and ended up with a begger.

See it

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some family reunion photos I did not get many I hope others did.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We went to see the BODY WORLDS at the San Diego Natural History Museum
It was so interesting I think any one in the medical profession should see it.
It was very well done and not gross at all.
Since they were real people.
Although Willona thought they should have had under ware on.
It makes you understand when they say you pulled a muscle.
It is amazing how we are put together.
We spent several hours looking around and watched a movie about the brain.
I was so tired I came home and went to bed and woke up at 8:30 the next night.
But I would do it again no telling how much I missed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well we finally made it to San Diego.
The kids wasted no time getting out in the ocean.
It was hard packing & traveling in the heat.
We have a nice house big enough for us all and the dogs.
Every morning between 7 and 8 a flock of green parrot's lands on the power lines out side my window and make a lot of bird racket.
I love birds
I had to find homes for my birds and all the cats but my buddy Cactus so I enjoy the visit every morning.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living in a very small town with only a few thousand people, maybe 3, sure is exciting.
We rarely lock our doors and often leave them open in the summer.
The other night about 10:30 our big mean dog Maria came charging down from Jonah's room and hit the door with her front feet. Since it is glass and she never does that it got everyone to looking around.
There was bad guy trying to break in. He had been standing in our flower bed looking in the open window.
After Maria scared the pants of him Willona called the police and they caught him down the street.
He was a man from Texas with a violent criminal rap sheet. He looked like a man with a violent rap sheet.

The next night Willona and the kids were out for their daily walk just after dark when a baby deer started following them. Of course Willona just knew the mother was some place around and going to get them for messing with the baby, so they did not touch it. Once they got home they made him a bottle and feed it to him, he seemed to be hungry. Along came a neighbor and she wanted to take him home. That was good because we are in the middle of moving and can't take care of a deer.

On top of it all Willona's mother-in-law who had about 47 dogs she was breeding became unable to take care of them or her self and so Willona, Jonah, Sister-in-law and niece all went up there to see what they could do for her and bring her back. They sold many of the dogs very inexpensively with in 3 days and then Willona got the remainder dogs about 10, some were newborns. The Sister-in-law took the mother-in-law. They still have to go back and clean and sell the house and pack her things.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sorry I have been gone so long.
I am not back yet but thought I should explain what is happening.
We were told Paul got a job in San Diego so we are moving.
We need to get rid of a lot of stuff so many yard sales.
Because I am learning to spin someone gave me an old dirty greasy fleece that was in her barn for 4 years. So I needed to clean it of all the dirt and wash it.
This was exciting as I really want to learn this process.
My Doctor decided to try a new blood pressure medication on me and I had a very bad reaction from it and I swelled up and my legs were so bad it was hard to walk.
During my time to watch the yard sale I worked on my fleece getting no telling what kind of germs on my hands from it and the boxes and things I went through to put out in the yard sale.
I scratched my legs with these dirty hands not thinking any thing of it. Well I got a really bad infection in my legs from my ankles to knees. I went to the doctor several time with no improvement finally Willona took me to the hospital, they took real good care of me and got the infection down a lot. At home I have to spend most of my time in bed with my feet up to keep the swelling down.
So I am not much help in cleaning and packing or much else.
What lengths I go to, to get out of work.
I am on a good blood pressure medication now so hopefully the swelling will go down soon and the infection will clear up.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We found a foster mom for Miss Piggy's kitten.
Bottle feeding her was not as bad as bottle feeding 5 puppies.
But the puppies had their mom to go back to.
Everyone needs a mom.
A man came by today to get a key made and said
"Did you know there are a herd of deer in your yard"?
I told him they come here every day and he said
"Well I never seen such a thing I am from the city".
He just stood and stared for a long time probably thinking of hunting season and where he can fill his tag real easy.
I made some Herbal oils and tinctures.
I used small jelly jars, some people use quart jars but for my use Jelly jars are good.
I made Cramp Bark oil, and a combination of Comprey, Calendula, Plantain and St Johnswort.
They will be made into salves in six weeks.
The tinctures are Cramp Bark, Raspberry leaf, And St Johnswort.
You start with the herb 1/2 jar for dry full jar for fresh.

Then for oils you pour olive oil over the herb and make sure it is all in the oil and cover it with cheese cloth.
For several weeks you check and poke down any herbs that come out of the oil.
After six weeks you strain the herb out and make a salve.
For the tinctures I pour vodka over it and close the jar and shake it, then sake it daily for several weeks.
At the end of six weeks you strain the herb out and bottle it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It has been a bad week around here.
Our beautiful Miss Piggy had one kitten and it seemed like there were more but she did not deliver any.
We could not get a Vet because they were all out with the farm animals.
Willona called every Vet for miles around.
She died. We are feeding the kitten and looking for a foster mom.
Then I got a tick I pulled it off but the spot got a big red bulge and I had to go to the Dr today and have the head removed and now on antibiotics.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have been looking around in our yard for herbs. I have found many.
I found this one but I do not have any idea what it is.
It is fern like but very small.
Any idea's?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you do not want to get the swine flu don't do this.
It is still raining we never get this much rain.
I love it.
Went out to check things out and found the deer.
They don't even care that I am there. Now they are more interested in some thing over there than me.

Yes Some thing is going on probably a car coming.
The want to see if they know the people.
Now they are going to the river they still don't care if I am following them.
Now if I get beat up by a deer you know why.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It rained today it was nice for a while, nice to walk around in it.
Then it got cold.
I thought I should take photo's of Willona's garden.
She sure has worked hard.
It is nice to see spring again.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am so excited. We finally got our baby chicks 10 of them. They were about half the size they are now. They are in a dog crate in the living room now. I could not get a better photo because they are down on the floor and bending over is not my thing these days.
Mmmm this looks good. Willona is making dinner.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We finally got our garden fence up.
Jonah and Willona put it up.
Hannah & Isaac played.
The baby and I supervised.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love trees and rain so when Paul and Willona asked me to move with them to Washington I thought yes Washington has lots of trees and rain.
You hear it always rains in Washington.
Well boy was I disappointed when we got closer and closer to home.
We were driving along the
Columbia River Gorge.
No Trees
It was the eastern side of Washington.

A desert no trees no rain.
Dirt, rocks, and rattlesnakes everywhere.
The first trees I saw were around this run down settlers cabin.
The trees were as run down as the cabin.

At least we had blue sky.
Still no trees.
The road was carved out of these big rocks or rock mountains.
As far as you can see brown bald mountains.
I was glad to see trees when we entered our yard.
Someone planted them around our house years ago.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yesterday it snowed in the morning but melted by evening. Today the wind is blowing pretty bad.

I am so tired of the bad weather and winter so I went looking for signs of spring.

Before I left I just had to get a picture of this cute baby. He is growing so fast. I found Love out in the front yard. He is always checking things out and usually brings me some ticks he gathered from his adventures.
I found some yappy Yorkies in the back.
The wind is blowing so hard she can hardly stand up and look at her fur.
There were a few buds on the trees in the Orchard.

I found a few flowers starting to bloom.
Not many.
Looks like some by the porch.
I found a few in the flower bed under the window it looks like we need to weed that garden.
Isaac found me a couple of dandelion's after I took the picture he ate it.
When I walked to the back yard the entire yard was full of robins.
Of course when I went to take their picture they all flew away.
Here are a couple brave ones.
And a couple more.
And the deer are still there. There is a fence between us and they don't even look up.
There is Isaac with his trusty stick.
Our wood pile is pretty bad. We had a hard winter and used both this years wood and next years. So we will have to work supper hard to get enough for next year.
There is the Chicken barn. We had a lot of chickens for 4 years then one night as they were going in to the coop for the night a bunch of raccoons got almost all of them.
They were free range chickens now we are trying to build a fence around them so they are safe.
I hope we get some chicks soon. I love chickens.
We dragged this coop all over Oregon, California and Washington.
Usually full of chickens.
Here is our guard dog Maria.
She looks friendly but she scares people to death before she even gets to them.
She is a good family dog and puts up with all the other pets and protects them.
She gets very mad at any one or thing that chases her chickens.
It was to bad she was not at the coop the night the darn raccoons took the chickens.
Many of them were pets and we sure miss them.