Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am so excited. We finally got our baby chicks 10 of them. They were about half the size they are now. They are in a dog crate in the living room now. I could not get a better photo because they are down on the floor and bending over is not my thing these days.
Mmmm this looks good. Willona is making dinner.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We finally got our garden fence up.
Jonah and Willona put it up.
Hannah & Isaac played.
The baby and I supervised.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love trees and rain so when Paul and Willona asked me to move with them to Washington I thought yes Washington has lots of trees and rain.
You hear it always rains in Washington.
Well boy was I disappointed when we got closer and closer to home.
We were driving along the
Columbia River Gorge.
No Trees
It was the eastern side of Washington.

A desert no trees no rain.
Dirt, rocks, and rattlesnakes everywhere.
The first trees I saw were around this run down settlers cabin.
The trees were as run down as the cabin.

At least we had blue sky.
Still no trees.
The road was carved out of these big rocks or rock mountains.
As far as you can see brown bald mountains.
I was glad to see trees when we entered our yard.
Someone planted them around our house years ago.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yesterday it snowed in the morning but melted by evening. Today the wind is blowing pretty bad.

I am so tired of the bad weather and winter so I went looking for signs of spring.

Before I left I just had to get a picture of this cute baby. He is growing so fast. I found Love out in the front yard. He is always checking things out and usually brings me some ticks he gathered from his adventures.
I found some yappy Yorkies in the back.
The wind is blowing so hard she can hardly stand up and look at her fur.
There were a few buds on the trees in the Orchard.

I found a few flowers starting to bloom.
Not many.
Looks like some by the porch.
I found a few in the flower bed under the window it looks like we need to weed that garden.
Isaac found me a couple of dandelion's after I took the picture he ate it.
When I walked to the back yard the entire yard was full of robins.
Of course when I went to take their picture they all flew away.
Here are a couple brave ones.
And a couple more.
And the deer are still there. There is a fence between us and they don't even look up.
There is Isaac with his trusty stick.
Our wood pile is pretty bad. We had a hard winter and used both this years wood and next years. So we will have to work supper hard to get enough for next year.
There is the Chicken barn. We had a lot of chickens for 4 years then one night as they were going in to the coop for the night a bunch of raccoons got almost all of them.
They were free range chickens now we are trying to build a fence around them so they are safe.
I hope we get some chicks soon. I love chickens.
We dragged this coop all over Oregon, California and Washington.
Usually full of chickens.
Here is our guard dog Maria.
She looks friendly but she scares people to death before she even gets to them.
She is a good family dog and puts up with all the other pets and protects them.
She gets very mad at any one or thing that chases her chickens.
It was to bad she was not at the coop the night the darn raccoons took the chickens.
Many of them were pets and we sure miss them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A herd of deer were living in our yard when we moved here.
They still hang around here.
The buck guarded our front door for a long time so no one used it we just use the side door by the driveway.
Now I sometimes see him in the back by the wood lot.

Here they are down by Willona's little orchard. Crossing the road.
They like the horse pasture across the street in the late evening.
I think they sleep in the shrubs in the horse pasture at night. They are not very save one got tired of the big dog down the street barking at her babies and kicked the dog to death before anyone could stop it. The horses do not like them eating their pasture but finally gave up running them off. That pretty white horse sure got dirty this winter
We have not had any trouble with them but we do have a pack of yapping Yorkies that like to bark at anything that might think about moving.
When Ashley was a teenage Yorkie she ran down in the back around a Doe barking all the way around it with Willona hot on her tail. The Doe just looked at Ashley and Willona as Willona grabbed the darn dog and ran back to the house.
That Doe probably could not figure out what that thing was or it would have got her.