Monday, January 26, 2009

I finally got a photo of Miss Piggy. I have not gotten one of Grumpy as she sees me with the camera and takes off and all I get is a blur and Sam is so black it is hard to get one of him. I made some little catnip bags for all the cats. Miss Piggy loves hers.
My computer has been down for a few days after doing many things to it I finally got it working again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have been making socks, dog sweaters and now I am fixing a sweater I made for Jonah last winter the sleeves were to long so I am shortening them and the neck just did not look right so I cut it of and am redoing it. The photo does not look so good (bad camera) but the sweater is a good looking sweater in real life.

Here is the biggest puppy.

What a cute face.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally after all these years I learned to wind a ball of yarn so that it can be taken from the middle. I wound it around my cane. I had to attach something to the end so I could find the end again but it worked very good.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have been busy making socks, I made these 5 for me and have yarn for 2 more pair.
The first pair is from some old 1960's yarn I found.
I made Willona 4 pair, Hannah 2 pair and Isaac 2 pair. They are going much faster once I figured out the pattern. The weather has been warmer than usual 52 degrees today.
Strange after the storm we had last month.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I found out today that the head gasket is cracked on my Van for the third time in the last 7 years.

There may be more damage once it thaws out and we can look at it more.
I hope it does not cost to much and I was saving my money for a new camera, so much for that.

The History of APRONS

I don't think our kids know what an apron is. The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, because she only had a few, it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and they used less material, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven.

It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears.

From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven.

When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids.

And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms.Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove.

Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls.

In the fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees.

When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds.

When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto the porch, waved her apron, and the men knew it was time to come in from the fields to dinner.

It will be a long time before someone invents something that will; replace that 'old-time apron' that served so many purposes.

Send this to those who would know, and love, the story about Grandma's aprons. Or it can be a good history lesson for those that have no idea how the apron played a part in our lives.

REMEMBER:Grandma used to set her hot baked apple pies on the window sill to cool. Her granddaughters set theirs on the window sill to thaw.

They would go crazy now trying to figure out how many germs were on that apron. I don't think I ever caught anything from an apron.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things have not been going well around here lately. Yesterday Lizzy gave us a big scare she started shaking and sweating. At first we thought she was having a low blood sugar attack, as these small dogs need to eat to keep up their sugar levels and with the puppies we worried she was not eating enough. A trip to the Vet showed her calcium levels had dropped.
They gave her an IV and she came home an hour later looking very good and running around. But now the puppies need to be bottle feed so Liz does not have another episode. The little girl who has been using a bottle and nursing took to it good, she is so tiny, the others are doing better today. Willona feeds them every 2 hours with 5 puppies she says it takes 45 minutes to feed them all. She lets Liz in with them after to clean them up and cuddle with them. Liz gets very angry when she is separated from the puppies and they are feed and she barks the whole time.
During the day Willona gets the kids the help and it goes much faster but a night it is all up to her.
Baby Josiah had his shots yesterday also so he is fussy and wants Mom all the time. I am sure by the end of a week Willona will be very tired.
I will try to get photo's of the puppies soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I finally got some items posted for sale here. I only have the baby sweaters list now but will add more when I can. I have over 50 items to list.
Now that I got the sock thing down I have been making many socks. I finally learn to work with out the little stoppers on the ends of my needles. I have to get the pattern into my long term memory and we all need socks.

Lizzy had her babies on Jan 2 no white ones, we have 4 boys and 1 very little girl who is to weak to nurse so Willona is feeding her with a eye dropper.

Willona reminds me of my mom she does all she can until the animal either lives or dies. Mom many times had a box by her bed with some animal someone brought to her to save. Many of the animals lived some died and we buried them in the pet grave yard in the back.

I remember sitting in front of the oven, with Mom, with a bunch of baby rabbits that their mother rejected. The oven to keep them warm in their cotton beds and us to feed them and hold them to keep them alive.

I got a photo of

Cactus who is almost 15 and still plays like a kitten. He is my pal he thinks he has to take care of me and stays by me most of the time.

Larry, Gary, Love, Martin I call him Love. He is Isaac's cat and Isaac could not make up his mind what he wanted to call him. Love answers to all his names. We got him because Cactus was our only cat at the time and he could not keep up with the mice that we had in our new farm house that had stayed empty for several years and the mice thought it was theirs.

Jennifer who moved in with us after someone tossed her out. She is a very good mouser. With her we finally got our mouse population down.