Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living in a very small town with only a few thousand people, maybe 3, sure is exciting.
We rarely lock our doors and often leave them open in the summer.
The other night about 10:30 our big mean dog Maria came charging down from Jonah's room and hit the door with her front feet. Since it is glass and she never does that it got everyone to looking around.
There was bad guy trying to break in. He had been standing in our flower bed looking in the open window.
After Maria scared the pants of him Willona called the police and they caught him down the street.
He was a man from Texas with a violent criminal rap sheet. He looked like a man with a violent rap sheet.

The next night Willona and the kids were out for their daily walk just after dark when a baby deer started following them. Of course Willona just knew the mother was some place around and going to get them for messing with the baby, so they did not touch it. Once they got home they made him a bottle and feed it to him, he seemed to be hungry. Along came a neighbor and she wanted to take him home. That was good because we are in the middle of moving and can't take care of a deer.

On top of it all Willona's mother-in-law who had about 47 dogs she was breeding became unable to take care of them or her self and so Willona, Jonah, Sister-in-law and niece all went up there to see what they could do for her and bring her back. They sold many of the dogs very inexpensively with in 3 days and then Willona got the remainder dogs about 10, some were newborns. The Sister-in-law took the mother-in-law. They still have to go back and clean and sell the house and pack her things.