Saturday, May 23, 2009

We found a foster mom for Miss Piggy's kitten.
Bottle feeding her was not as bad as bottle feeding 5 puppies.
But the puppies had their mom to go back to.
Everyone needs a mom.
A man came by today to get a key made and said
"Did you know there are a herd of deer in your yard"?
I told him they come here every day and he said
"Well I never seen such a thing I am from the city".
He just stood and stared for a long time probably thinking of hunting season and where he can fill his tag real easy.
I made some Herbal oils and tinctures.
I used small jelly jars, some people use quart jars but for my use Jelly jars are good.
I made Cramp Bark oil, and a combination of Comprey, Calendula, Plantain and St Johnswort.
They will be made into salves in six weeks.
The tinctures are Cramp Bark, Raspberry leaf, And St Johnswort.
You start with the herb 1/2 jar for dry full jar for fresh.

Then for oils you pour olive oil over the herb and make sure it is all in the oil and cover it with cheese cloth.
For several weeks you check and poke down any herbs that come out of the oil.
After six weeks you strain the herb out and make a salve.
For the tinctures I pour vodka over it and close the jar and shake it, then sake it daily for several weeks.
At the end of six weeks you strain the herb out and bottle it.

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